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Garfield Park Conservatory

When ever we feel the need to get out of the city but can’t we take a quick trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory.


They have a spring flower show called April Showers. This year more than 200 yellow umbrellas hang from the ceiling.


The show room is where most of the umbrellas are.


It is nice to see the bright yellow among all the pretty spring flowers.


There is also a mosaic tile fountain- I think the pattern would be a great quilt!


A few years ago there was a large hailstorm and some of the glass was ruined. In just a few weeks there will be a grand re-opening to celebrate all of the glass being fixed and the rooms being re opened. I am super excited for this. You bet Ill be going! 🙂


Photo challenge week 2

Ive been kinda keeping up with Soak- Flatter Instagram photo challenge. I missed a few days but heres what Ive got so far.

Day 6: Stash

I have a smaller stash than most quilters. But I know mine is full of hidden gems.



Day 7: Pattern

I used the Infinity Scarf that I had just made. I love the patterns on the fabrics.



Day 8:: WIP

Swoon quilt. Still only three blocks have been made. I should get started on this one soon. Need to finish it by the middle of November for the Husbands birthday.



Day 9:: Gift

I did a throw back thursday for this one. A quilt for my baby niece. Featuring Wicket and her frog legs. 🙂



I have missed the rest of the days. I should catch up.

This weekend was spent hanging out with the Husband. We went out for breakfast and did a lot of hiking and went to the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Breakfast at Hash Chicago.



Coffee and the tiles on the table.



Pitcher plant at Garfield Park Conservatory.




Pruned horse at Garfield Park Conservatory.


Thats it for now. Maybe this week I will feel more up to making stuff.


Yesterday I had mostly off. Took a trip to the Conservatory.



A much needed trip.

Going inside is like walking into the middle of spring.

Everything is so bright.

Everything smells so good.

IMG_4417 IMG_4419


Chasing the winter away.

IMG_4470 IMG_4492


Except last night there was more snow. And it is still cold. And it is still winter.

IMG_4423 IMG_4425 IMG_4433

IMG_4544 IMG_4556 IMG_4564

Back to dreaming about spring I go.

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