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Stats about 2015

Hello 2016!

This year is going to be exciting! Taking the month of December off was great on my soul.

Ive got some great plans for 2016. I hope to make this year the year of learning. Ive got a few new crafts I am planning on trying out. Yay learning!

Rohan is now 7 months and is doing great. He’s a tiny happy boy who loves to laugh and smile. He loves his dogs and kitties and thinks it is the greatest thing when he can pet them or get kisses from one of them. He loves music and attempts some sort of dance when he hears it being played. He also hates sleep.


So onto stats about 2015. Here are 2014.

From January 1st 2015 to December 31 there were:

36,975 page views. 

12,274 returning visitors and 14,505 new visitors!

There were visitors from 129 different countries and the top 5 countries were United States, Canada, Not Set, United Kingdom and Germany!

The top cities are Chicago and Bellbrook. Hello Bellbrook!

18,385 were on desktops.

5,794 were on a tablet.

2,609 use your phone.

The most popular posts were:

Easy Fudge with 990 page views. I could totally go for some fudge now. Oh my sweet tooth is strong with this one!

Baby bibs with 880 page views.

A mistake of sorts with 840 page views. I blame the cute pictures of the dogs with that one being so popular.

Mini mini swap with 796 page views. I love this post. I love the hoop. I am totally making more of these this year.

A finished mini with 793 page views. Another mini! Lots of mini love this year!

A quick look back on all the things that were made in 2015.

On Instagram my best 8 were-

I would have done nine but one of them is a video.


And my favorite makes were:

Having Rohan really slowed my pace of making things but I feel more pride in the slower pace that I am taking. I really turn out things that I enjoy and hope others would enjoy too. 2016 will be no different.

I don’t really like setting goals. I feel once you say it out loud or let others know the thrill of that goal is lost. I usually lose interest when I talk about goals. I just hope this year is full of learning and fun. I will keep going with the flow.

In case you missed any of the fun in 2015 a quick look at the archives page will fill you in.

Celebration Day

Three years ago Mr Porcupine and I got married! Three years ago our little Wicket was born!

Celebration day! 🙂

We got engaged on my 26 birthday while we were vacationing in France. Super fun! 11 months later we were married. We had a tiny wedding of only family. All squeezed into my parents house. We both wore clothes we already owned. No fancy wedding dress here! 🙂 We also had found our wedding rings in an antique shop- Mr Porcupines has the name Ellen Dobb engraved on the inside. From the little research we did we found that she was an indentured servant from southern Wisconsin. We love the little history of our old rings.

The wedding cake was made by my oldest sister. Right before the wedding one of my parents dogs took a nice big lick out of the side of the cake! Oops!

We had a lot of fun. 🙂




Today is also Wickets third birthday!

I think this is the first video we took of her. She still plays with her bones this way too!

So tiny!

Wicket Blanket

Best wedding gift ever! <3 <3

Stats about the last year

This is my second year of blogging and we saw a lot of growth. I am incredibly excited that I stuck with blogging and creating things. I still think back to some of the things I made before the blog. I could have blogged those! If I had started years before! 🙂

So lets get on with these stats. Ill try to include links to the actual posts this time.

From January 1st 2014 to December 31st 2014 we had:

16, 328 page views and 11,057 visitors!

5,747 visitors were new and 5,310 were returning! Thank you for returning!

We had visits from 79 different countries. Our top 5 being United states, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil!

Chicago and Melbourne were the cities with the most visits. Being from Chicago I expected that but Melbourne was a huge surprise! Welcome my down under friends!

7,352 of you were on your desktop.

2.760 were on tablets.

936 of you were on mobile.

The most popular posts were:

Wee Wander at 754 page views.

Community at 744 page views.

Cinderberry Stitches Pins at 737 page views.

Simplicity 4817 at 723 page views.

And Chevron and On Quilt top at 676 page views.

I had a fun year! I know the numbers are still small but we continue to grow every week. It will be nice to look back in a few years and see how different the stats are. Maybe next year Ill do a comparison. And if you missed anything check out my archives page for all the goodies.

See you in a couple of days!


A year in review


I made a lot of goodies this year.

And then I got pregnant and every thing stopped. Im feeling more motivated these days and hope to start sewing and creating again.

But lets look back at all the goodies that were made this year. 2014 was a great making year. I hope 2015 is a great learning year.

Lots of food was made. Baking runs in the family and food is the way to my heart. Noms.

Lots of pies. Looking at all these pies makes me miss summer time and fresh fruits. Need to get back on that pie bandwagon.



For my birthday I got food colorings. I had a lot of fun making donuts and sprinkles. So many donuts.


I continued to work on my embroidery. I expanded a bit by trying larger and more complex pieces. My favorites of this year were the book set. I would love to do this again with different book covers, or maps.


Quilts this year were worked at a slower pace. And I am ok with that. My fabric stash has grown but my quilting has slowed. A few baby quilts were made and a few couch quilts were made.


My works in progress quilts have grown. Ive never had so many quilts waiting to be finished.

A few need to be quilted. A  few need to have backs and be quilted and one just need to have the binding attached!


Lots of baby things were made! I am totally in love with my new niece and soon Ill have a baby to make cute things for!


General sewing was huge! I made lots of goodies on this one. Lots of clothing! Even a shirt for the husband. He was super happy about that.

Screen printing continued on at a slow and steady pace.

And of course the dogs helped with everything. Mostly standing on quilts. They want to be part of everything and how can I say no to something so sweet and cute.


I know I have left out a lot. Missed a few of my favorites, but there is just so much already!

You can find mostly everything in the archives page.

I hope 2015 is just as great as 2014 was. 🙂

Holiday Ornaments

The holiday bug has hit me. I am excited for Christmas. I am excited for snow. I am excited to make gifts for everyone. But I am always excited for the gift part. Never excited for the holidays or the snow.

Ive started making holiday ornaments for our christmas tree. We don’t even have a tree and wont have one for another few weeks. Ill probably make more ornaments. Last year our tree was a bit sparse. We only have ornaments that we bought from the Christkindle market and from my childhood. None were saved from my husbands childhood.

I made these ornaments by needle felting them. Pretty much- stabby stab stab! Its a good east time. The hardest part is making them look good.

Last year I also made a cute little foxie. He ended up being giving away. Making a new cute little foxie was easy. He came together fast.


My process on making these is to look at a picture and recreate what I see as best as I can. Pretty lucky this works out for me.




Little foxie needed a friend. A gnome was made.


Hes pretty cute. And he kinda looks drunk.

Drunk gnome has to lean against foxie to support him.

I will call them David and Swift.



David and Swift will go on adventures. Save other animals and keep the forest safe. IMG_5536


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