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Work in Progress Wednesday

WIP Wednesday.

I am excited to have a blog post for today. Woot.

I started this baby blanket 33 weeks ago. I checked. On Instagram. I stopped working on it probably just after that photo. That seems like something I would do.

Well now there is a reason to finish this baby blanket. Theres going to be a baby that needs it at some point!


I started doing a color a night. Thats just about 10-15 rows and maybe an hour or so of work. Depending on if I am distracted or not. Usually I am easily distracted.


I got the husband a Nintendo 3Ds. I call it a Game Boy. But there has been lots of Mario Cart going on. Easily distracted.


The blanket is soft and bright. Made up of mystery yarn. Ive had this yarn in my stash for a long time. Years. I know it is the cheap stuff from Michaels. The stuff that you get when you are first starting to knit/ crochet. But I like it. And I like the blanket.

Lets just hope I stick with it and don’t stop after this post.


Knitting before summer

My goal to use leftovers before buying new has moved to my yarn stash.

Gotta knit fast before the summer heat comes too.



Not the finest quality yarn. Ive had it for somewhere around 6 years.

Its the cheap kind you buy at the big craft stores.

I dig the bright colors. And thats fine for me.



I am loosely following the Purl Bees super easy crib blanket.

I am knitting about 15 rows before moving on to the next color. I plan to randomize the colors so it is not repeating.

Ill probably do two bright colors separated by white.


Not sure about the length. We will see when I run out of yarn. 😉


Winter Hat

Another Hat!

Im just not convinced I like these hats on my head. Im not convinced I like any hats on my head. And at this point I need the warmth and to cover my awkward growing hair.


I used yarn from Loopy Yarns here in Chicago. I choose a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. Very soft and warm. The color I picked is marked mint.



I just kinda winged it with this pattern. I had made enough of the Terra Cotta hat that I could figure this out. I casted on 100 stitches and did a knit two, purl two for the band. The rest of the hat is a knit stitch.

I love knitting in the round it all goes so fast. I had this hat knitted up in an afternoon.



I made a large fluffy pom pom for the top. I think all hats need pom poms. IMG_5468IMG_5467 IMG_5469

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