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See it all pouch 

Ahh lets see- I made this See It All Pouch last year in November.

The pattern is simple and straight forward. You can find the pattern here and lots of other cute pouches on Instagram! 

I added cute salvage from Cotton and Steel. I always like adding positive affirmations any place that I can. 🙂

Currently one bag is still holding the markers. But team Daniel Tiger has moved on to a new home. The pouch now holds all of my La Passacaglia quilt stuff. They are super handy.

I know that Laura used heavy weight vinyl. I used the cheap stuff. I think its gaged 4. Its pretty thin and soft. I am sure if I used it heavily the bag would rip. Must use caution or redo with better vinyl. hahha.

Tomorrow I plan on attending the Quilt show in Rosemont – Do I know anyone else attending?

Fancy Fox Quilt

Finally finished this quilt up for my nephew. It only took me five months. The pattern is Fancy Fox from Elizabeth Hartman.

When my nephew was shown the quilt all he said was “oh cool” in typical teenager fashion. But it’s ok my sister loves the quilt and showed enough excitement for the both of them. 

As you can see the quilting is a simple straight line. At first I did it in a dark blue to match the back ground. But when I put it in the washing machine and it got snagged and tore up I took it all apart and decided that white thread was a better choice. So in the pictures below you can see the white thread.

Also any time I put a quilt on the floor a dog is instantly attracted to it. Does that happen to you? If the dogs weren’t so fast I think the cats would be on it too. Dang animals!

Wicket thinks the quilt is for her. Sadly mistaken. 

White thread was a better choice. 

My husbands reaction when I asked him to hold the quilts for pictures. Hahah. Poor guy. Getting suckered into my demands of quilt holding. 

Quilts with feet.

The fabric is mostly Cotton and Steel and Lizzy House with a few others thrown in. The backing and border are from V and Co. I wanted something dark because my nephew is a teenager. 

Later this week Ill show off the quilt I made for my sister. 🙂



Baby Moccasins

This blog post is long over due. I made these moccasins when it was Rohan’s birthday.  So a month and a half later I have a blog post. This week we also have family visiting so getting this post together is taking so much longer than it should. 

I saw those cute moccasins from Freshly Picked and fell in love. What I didn’t love was the 30-60$ price for baby shoes! How can someone pay that! So I paid a few bucks for some cheap leather and now I’m able to make more than one pair for way less than the FP moccasins. Although I am positive that hers are better quality and would last longer. 

I’ve been making baby shoes since 2014 so I was pretty sure I could figure out this new pattern while still using my old pattern.  I changed the size of the shoe to match the size of Rohan’s foot. In the original pattern the top part of the shoe is two pieces- so they look like Toms shoes. In this version the top part is only one piece, with a second piece being for fringe. The rest of the pattern is pretty much the same as before. 

The most helpful thing I can say about making these moccasins in leather is to have a leather needle. Change that needle out! I even went out and bought a fresh set. It really helps go through the leather easier.  

I used a rotary cutter to cut the leather instead of scissors. It helped give it a more clean cut. 

I used clover binding clips instead of pins as I didn’t want any extra holes in the leather. If you don’t have clover clips , paper clips could always work. I would use the ones with a coating so it doesn’t mark up your leather. To attach the fringe on both the front and back I lined up the RIGHT side of the fringe piece to the WRONG side of the heel/front foot piece. Sew along the edge and flip over and press with your fingers or a pressing tool.  Stitch the second seam about a half inch down for the elastic. On both the front and heel pieces. I used the front piece as more of a decorative stitch as I didn’t use elastic on the front piece. Only the heel.  Thread the elastic through the back shoe. I used a safety pin but a crochet hook could also work. Sew in place. 

I waited to cut my fringe until both shoes were done. I was aiming for a more accurate and even look between shoes. Attach the front shoe piece to the heel piece. I used the line I sewed on the front piece as a guide on where to sew. Attach that top piece to the sole. Trim up your fringe and bam! You have a new pair of moccasins that will hopefully last long enough for a few wears and some good pictures. 


Party Dress

I’ve been waiting to get back to my pre baby weight to make new clothes but let’s face it that’s not going to happen. Not without some extra work and I’m not up for that. I kinda fall into the lazy routine when it comes to working out. Unless it comes to walking. Then Rohan and I are star walkers. We rock up to 15,000+ steps on my Fitbit. 

So I gave up on waiting and decided to be happy with where I am. Two weeks ago I started a new dress. I’m not sure why I didn’t blog the fabric but I bought two and a half yards of it from Joanns. The fabric is double gauze from cloud 9. It is soft and incredibly breathable. I wore it on a sunny hot day and felt pretty comfortable.

Don’t mind the bathroom shot. 🙂 

Working with double gauze wasn’t very troublesome. A few things to keep in mind and everything should be smooth sailing. Pre wash fabric and finish all of your edges. Finishing your edges will help keep it from unraveling. I used a tight zig zag stitch but using a serger or if you have a special sewing foot those should work even better than a tight zig zag. 

Also. Press. Press. Press. This helps so much. I didn’t do this step enough but it sure helped when I did. 

This dress is based upon a cheap Target dress that I just love. I used two patterns and smashed them together to form this dress. I used the Staple dress for the lower part of the dress. Everything is pretty much the same as the pattern goes. The waist is elastic and it has pockets! 

The upper part of the dress I used the lady skater dress. I used the 3/4 sleeve and cut them down till I was comfortable with how they sat. Since the pattern is for knits I added two bust darts. 

For the neckline I followed this amazing tutorial from Grainlinestudio. It did help a lot. I always had a problem with my necklines before a few extra steps I was missing out. 

I’m in love. 

I have two yards of Cat Nip by Cotton and Steel in rayon that I plan on making into this dress. I’m so excited everything worked out. 🙂 


This past Sunday we had a birthday party for Rohan. For as much stress it was having and planning for 15 people in our tiny city apartment it was a lot of fun. 

When we first started planning the party we were thinking of doing a where’s the wild thing theme. But that quickly fell through the cracks and it became a non themed party with felt crowns. And to our surprise people actually wore the crowns! 

To make crowns for 15 people I bought 1 yard of golden yellow felt.I made up a quick crown pattern using cardboard and copied and cut out 15 crowns. I thought about making the crowns with two layers of felt but after cutting out what I needed and seeing what was left I knew I didn’t have enough felt. So I decided to back the crowns with the next best thing. My precious fabric. At first I thought I would only do a few. And then I thought about how that wasn’t fare to others so I made all 15 with fabric backings. I used the felt crows as templates this time around. I even got crafting cat to come help. She’s pretty shy cat but if I am sewing she is always near by. I used pinking shears to cut my fabric. I didn’t want the fabric to fray. To finish the crowns I topstiched the fabric to the crowns, folded the ends together towards the inside and sewed them closed. I trimmed any excess off and bam! Birthday crowns! 

Happy birthday sweet pea! 


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