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Fancy Forest Quilt 

A long time ago my sister requested a quilt for my nephew (fancy fox quilt) but when she saw the pattern packet she immediately wanted the fancy forest for herself. Luckily she only wanted a throw size. Some of this animals are intimidating! 

After several months I finally got a move on the quilt and just recently finished the quilt and delivered it to her. 

A few of the animals I really struggled with but in the end decided that their imperfections just added to their personality. 

I love hanging quilts in the windows. It always looks like stained glass. 

I decided to really get out of the box and had quilt the quilting. I went with a decorative clam shell. I’ve been really into the clam shell look lately. 

The quilting took a seriously long time. Like two weeks. I was only able to work on it when Rohan went to sleep otherwise he would pull at the quilt and that always makes me nervous. 

I used a compass and chalk pencil to mark the clam shells. 

The fabrics I used are mainly from Elisabeth  Hartmans line Rhoda Ruth and a few from Lizzy House. 

For the back I used a sheet set from target that I got on sale. Wooo. 

This time I skipped out on asking my husband to hold the quilt up and got my brother in law to do it. 

I really do love the quilt. My only regret is that the leaves on the thistle blend into the back ground. Bummer. 

Something about quilts on the floor… 

So glad it’s almost the weekend. We have no plans and I’m excited to keep it that way! 🙂 

Fancy Fox Quilt

Finally finished this quilt up for my nephew. It only took me five months. The pattern is Fancy Fox from Elizabeth Hartman.

When my nephew was shown the quilt all he said was “oh cool” in typical teenager fashion. But it’s ok my sister loves the quilt and showed enough excitement for the both of them. 

As you can see the quilting is a simple straight line. At first I did it in a dark blue to match the back ground. But when I put it in the washing machine and it got snagged and tore up I took it all apart and decided that white thread was a better choice. So in the pictures below you can see the white thread.

Also any time I put a quilt on the floor a dog is instantly attracted to it. Does that happen to you? If the dogs weren’t so fast I think the cats would be on it too. Dang animals!

Wicket thinks the quilt is for her. Sadly mistaken. 

White thread was a better choice. 

My husbands reaction when I asked him to hold the quilts for pictures. Hahah. Poor guy. Getting suckered into my demands of quilt holding. 

Quilts with feet.

The fabric is mostly Cotton and Steel and Lizzy House with a few others thrown in. The backing and border are from V and Co. I wanted something dark because my nephew is a teenager. 

Later this week Ill show off the quilt I made for my sister. 🙂



WIP Antique Quilts

Thank you for your comments and support about my mom. It’s not looking very well for her and currently we are playing the waiting game on when she will pass away. A lot of things have gone wrong since I last wrote and now she has a do not resuscitate order. Ugh. 

I was helping my dad clean the house this past weekend, at this point we were thinking my mom would come home and would need space for a wheelchair. I found these amazing quilts that need to be finished. 

I’m unsure about how to go about finishing them or what fabric I should use as a backing. 

Log cabin quilt.    

And this one is just so amazing. I love all the colors. This one has already been worked on but the back is a stained white sheet. It is so gross. So that for sure needs to be replaced. 

Any advice is welcomed! 


WIP Wednesday 

I have been chugging away at my triangle quilt. The end is in site! 

This is always the part that seems the longest. 

The back is so cute! I’m totally pleased with my fabric choice. I was unsure at first but now I’m glad I went with it. White is such a tricky color.  

I plan on taking pictures of this beast this weekend while the weather is nice.  

I also received some amazing fabric in the mail and forgot to blog about it on Sunday. 

This arrived in my mail from Joanna in Ohiooooo. I was so excited I already made the horses into hexagons for my la passacaglia quilt. 

Unfortunately for me I seem to have already miss placed 9 of my ten hexagons and the bird fabric. They galloped and flew off together. 

Winter Quilt

   I had made Rohan a winter quilt with Heather Ross’s fronts fabric and backed with a green dot flannel. I used old cheap batting that I had here at the house and the first time I put it through the washer the batting just clumped. I was so disappointed. 

Now I had to take it all apart and replace the cheap batting with something that would hold up. Ugh. 


Tearing it apart went pretty quick and messy. I picked up some Pellon batting and used that. Ahh. Much better. 

I did a simple line quilting. It was all pretty quick.  


The bias tape I made a few weeks ago ended up being prefect!   

I ended up rushing to finish the binding. I did it by machine and it is far from perfect. It makes me what to re do it. 


Other than that I love it and Rohan loves it. 

The fabric is from Heather Ross from her Far far away line. The binding is a mystery print from Joanns. 

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