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Sketchbook Saturday

After ten years of not drawing I started doodling again. 

Just trying to keep it fun. 

I’m really into folk art so I’m going with that style. 

 A is for..  

Antelope, Ant eaters and arrows. Oh my! 


I’m thinking of doing a page for every letter. Here you can see a little bit of B. Bats and bears. 

Bernard Embroidery Throw back Thursday

Today I have my weekly doctors update. Hopefully we get some exciting news about when Baby Rohan will be getting here. Ill be sharing that update tomorrow.

But for now we have in the way back machine one of my favorite embroideries. It is still on my embroidery wall too!

I call him Bernard. But he is a simple cute bunny.

At the time he was the most complicated embroidery I had done.



Even Wicket got in on the fun.

It took me a while to finish Bernard. A week maybe? Im unsure.




He sure is cute.




I had made his mate Hank for a friend of my who has a bunny named Hank. I made Hank first and wanted my own bunny. Thats how Bernard came about.

His name is from Rescuers Down Under, Bianca and Bernard are the two main characters. Ive always loved that movie. One of my favorites growing up. And I always loved how Miss Bianca said Bernard. Bernaaarrrd.




More finished pictures of Bernard for your viewing pleasure.

Little bun-buns peter pan collar

Ive jumped on the peter pan collar bandwagon. Years later. I am always late to the party or early. Oh well. I am a fan now. I made this peter pan collar months ago. Just a few days ago I finally got around to finishing it.

Making the peter pan collar is easy.

I found a collar pattern that I liked. I printed the pattern and cut two collars out.



I sewed the right sides together and clipped my corners.



Turn the collar right side out and add a ribbon for tying.

And here the peter pan collar sat.



I had made the collar with embroidering it in mind. But I made the collar before I embroidered anything. So maybe thats part of the reason it sat for so long. For next time embroider before cutting the fabrics.

I drew my design on the fabric. How tiny!


The tiny bunny became a tiny embroidered bunny.



I am thinking of doing another bunny on the other side. Or maybe some flowers.

But for now. It will sit.




Fabric Stamps

Precious fabric  with cute little designs.

I hoarded most of these fabric scraps for a long while before deciding what to do with them.IMG_5212


Some more Aneela Hoey’s “Walk in the woods” and Birch Fabric’s “Scamper”. IMG_5210


Most of the fabrics are about stamp size. IMG_5214


Super cute. Now if only they could be used as real stamps.

How cute and exciting would that be! Brighten a mailpersons day! 🙂 IMG_5216 IMG_5218 IMG_5220 IMG_5234 IMG_5226

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