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Rohan is 11 months

11 months and 12 days. I’m behind. Always behind. 

Not much has changed in the last month, just that he learned to drive. They grow up so fast. Since we have returned from Nashville he has been obsessed with horses and goats. He calls goats baaahs. We have a book that has both in it and he is obsessed with that book. He pages through it calling out to his baaaah. 

He still loves books and expects to be read to many times a day. If I put his books away on the bookshelf he gets upsets and takes them out again. The dogs still love Rohan. He almost always has a dog napping with him. We’ve slowly moved from two naps a day to one. Sometimes he still does two but one nap and it’s almost always over an hour. We co sleep and most of his naps are not in the crib. We keep talking about moving him to the crib but not everyone is on board. Still no teeth. The other day I though I saw one coming in but it has Since receded back. His eating habits are pretty on point. He wants to eat whatever we eat and then some. He loves bread and yogurt. He’s also been getting into fresh fruit now that it’s more available. I’ve been going over ideas for his first birthday. We’ve decided that this year will be the only birthday party till he gets older. And really the party is for the adults and a reason to eat sugar! Haha. 

I haven’t decided on anything but a horse themed party or a hungry hungry caterpillar party. How cute right! So many decisions. 

Rohan at 10 months

At ten months Rohan hates baths. 

(Note to future Rohan- sorry buddy!)
But loves limes.   
 He loves music and shakers but hates loud sounds or toys that make musical sounds. New things kinda freak him out. 

He loves books and will pull out his books multiple times a day. He’s recently started to turn the pages in his books. 

He loves solid food. He will get upset if he sees me eating something and I’m not sharing. His favorites are pear,banana, pumpkin and salmon. I am truly surprised by how much salmon he will eat. He eats mostly whatever we have and occasionally a fruit/veggie purée packet. He dislikes sweet potatoes. 

He loves calling for mama. He mews at his cats and almost barks at his dogs. He hasn’t said any other words and just recently started babbling other sounds.  He loves being outside and when he sees the baby carrier being pulled out he starts squealing and hops around.  
He almost always has a dog napping with him.  

Rohan has a lot of likes and loves and not a lot of dislikes. It all makes me feel relieved that we have a happy baby.    

I have been planning a long weekend trip to Nashville- if anyone has any suggestions on what to see and do I would love to hear them. 🙂 

Rohan is 8 months!

He is a very happy little boy. He loves hearing the sound of his own voice. And shows us with high pitched squeals. 

He loves books and will constantly pull them out. He loves these baby lit books and I do too! Each page is a word or short sentence and a large colorful picture. Just enough to keep his interest and I’m not fighting to read a book to him.  
  He does a lot of crawling, rolling and jumping. It’s hard to keep him still. 

His first word was mama! And he loves calling for me. He’s very attached to me right now. Which is a great work out for my arms! Lol. 

He loves eating solid food and will choose that over a bottle. He still doesn’t fully sleep at night but I feel like we still get good sleep. 

He loves all animals and gets really excited when he sees any.  We have plans to visit a few zoos and aquariums this summer. I’m excited to see his reaction  to everything. 



Happy Halloween! 

Rohan is dressed up as a bat and is so cute! 

We’re not going anywhere or trick or treating. The weather this year is wet and cold. 

He also didn’t like the costume too much. It is a bit on the small side. So I guess it’s a good thing he’s only wearing it for s short time. 

Hope you all a good holiday and got all the good candy. 🕸✨🕷👻🕸

Rohan Ollivander 1 Month

Our little boy is a month old already!

Rohan Ollivander

I don’t feel like time has flown by. I feel like the amount of sleep has flown by. haha.

His best friend is Wicket Grace. She has been super protective of her baby since before he was born. She has to give him kisses any chance we let her. Taking any pictures of Rohan means having to fight with Wicket just to get her to leave him alone.

Rohan Ollivander

He likes to sleep all day and stay up all night. He likes to be held while he sleeps instead of sleeping alone in his bassinet. He has a healthy appetite and fits into 0-3 month clothing. His cheeks keep getting chubbier and I love it. Could just eat them up!

I might be a bit biased here but I think I am his favorite.

Rohan Ollivander

We are ready for month 2!

I am still working on writing out his birth story. It takes a long time to get all those thoughts out!

Rohan Ollivander