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Shark Week

Every 4th of July a friend and close neighbor has a yard sale. A few years back I started joining her but only selling crafts. Mostly embroideries. And they sell! So I’ve started prepping and making goods for this years sale! 

Shark week shark!   
He’s pretty adorable. 

Shark eyes are weird. They look lost and soulless. Poor sharks.   

 A few years back I screen printed these sharks! They are perfect for the back of this embroidery!  

He’s excited for this summer. 🙂 and why no shark emoji! Pfft.   

Heart Quilt

I promise this is the last update on the quilt.

Last day of pictures.

IMG_5315 IMG_5327


The binding is attached and the quilt is alllll done.

It is very large. 70×80 inches.

Large! And warm! Perfect for these Chicago winters.


For the quilting I had wanted all these cute hearts. But I wasn’t liking that direction and they weren’t all cute. I went with the quilting as close to the seam line as I could get and in a bright pink cotton.

Not the greatest or prettiest quilting. But I am ok with this.

Now that the quilt is done I love it.

IMG_5307 IMG_5304

First year

A whole year of blogging about crafting and quilting!

A whole year! eeeeee!



A heart was drawn out.

Designs were made.

IMG_4571 IMG_4347


Fabrics were picked out.

Ive never been much of a pink fabric fan. I love the color pink, but not so much in fabrics.



Valentines day has never looked so good.

or pink.



More pictures tomorrow of heart quilt. Its gonna be cuuutttteeee.

New Year!

A few weeks ago I won 4 spools of Guermann metallic thread from Crafty Sorcha!
I had no idea she was in France!
The entire time I waited I thought some one had stolen it right off the porch!
 Thank you so much Crafty Sorcha! I love them!
I don’t make any new years resolutions. 
I never stick to them anyways. 
I do have a few goals. 
I want to be more organized with my crafts. Less mess! 
I would love for this blog to gain a few more readers! 
And I would love to make things full time. 
 All in all 2013 wasn’t such a bad year. 
Lots of looking to the future! 
Happy new year!
And don’t forget to party hardy! 🙂
!!! Forgot to mention, I have added some embroideries to my Etsy store.
Go on! Take a look! More stuff will be added soon! 

Crazy Quilt

This quilt has a little bit of everything.
Flying geese, chevrons, granny squares and whatever else I could fit in there.
 Quilted it together with this pink.
Bright pink.
 And of course the moment it was laid out for pictures these chuckleheads came out to play.
 All rolled up and ready to be gifted away.

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