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Little E’s Second Birthday

Birthday gifts for kids are hard. It is either toys or clothing. We just spent almost an hour looking at toys at target trying to decide what else to get our neice for her second birthday.  But all the dolls seemed too old for a two year old girl or expensive! There just wasn’t much to pick from. 

Good thing I could give her anything I could make. I first started to think about making her a quilt but I haven’t been feeling the quilt making. I blame the lack of time management. So I went with something smaller. A wall hanging. 

You are my sunshine had been playing in my head on repeat when I had been planning this so I went with my head and decided to appliqué the letters into this Sarah Jane Children at Play print. The back is made up of two other Sarah Jane prints- Out to Sea map print and a horse print from the Wee Wander line. For the quilting I followed the grid from the map.  It is the most precise quilting I have ever worked on. Look at that “O”! It’s a balloon! I used grey binding that I had in a box hidden in the closet. I really do hate making bias tape. To accompany her wall hanging I decided to make her a simple skirt. I had smaller panels of the Children at Play print that fit perfectly into making a skirt. 

Little E is pretty small. She almost two and Rohan is almost bigger than her. Since they are about the same size I used a pair of Rohan’s shorts as a pattern/ size guide. 

The skirt is made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together with an elastic waistband. I took fabric that was 1.5 times the amount I said she is pretty small and I was confident it would be enough. You can always easily adjust the size of your simple skirt to the size of your little. 

I had this leftover ribbon from one of Mr Porcupines trips to New York. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the skirt and the fabric. Since I was using the non cut edge of the fabric I didn’t fold up the ends or anything I just sewed the ribbon to the fabric. I stitched just below the top of the ribbon and the bottom part of the ribbon. So it is fully attached and little e is not able to pull it off. I then started sewing my back seams of the skirt together. With the two skirt pieces right sides together sew up the seam. If your kid is particularly rough you can reinforce the seam with a zig zag stitch. Little e isn’t quite to the rough stage and I suspect she will only be wearing the skirt to church so I didn’t worry about reinforcing the seam.

 To make the elastic casing I folded the top down about a half inch and pressed with the iron. I then folded another inch and again pressed with the iron. If you elastic is larger than 1″ then you’ll want to adjust the size of the casing to match your elastic. Sew along the bottom folded edge leaving a gap to thread your elastic through. About an inch. I threaded my elastic through with a safety pin. Once fully through over lap your elastic a bit and sew together. I used a zig zag stitch to make sure it’s all sewed together. Tuck the elastic back into the casing. Sew the rest of the casing seam close and that’s your basic skirt! How cute! 

She is going to love this elephant and the balloons! 

Now off to Michigan for this little girls birthday party! Time to celebrate! Have a great weekend! 


Wish list Wednesday

This is the year of learning. Ive declared it. I want to try out a few new crafts this year and maybe even go back to school. Year of learning indeed!

Ive been interested in getting a loom for a while now. Seeing all the amazing looking tapestries everyone is making on Instagram made me really interested in learning more about weaving. I remember in grade school we made looms out of cardboard and used cheap yarn.

Well finding a loom is not easy. Or making up my mind about what to get and what size. I have been measuring empty spaces on my wall trying to decide what size is best. There are so many good choices out there. All of the ones on my wish list are from Etsy. These also come in a kit which come with yarn and roving and all of the tools Ill need to make a tapestry.

This loom kit is from Fiber Huis in Wisconsin. She has other loom kits but I like the bright colors in this one. The loom measures 10″ x 13″. She does do custom size work so if I wanted a larger size it would be possible to make.


The kit below comes in lots and lots of sizes. Which doesn’t help my problem of deciding on a size. I love the simple designs of these looms. These are from Funemstudio all the way in Belgium. I love this photo with all of them lined up. Swoon.


The same shop even sells wool roving. I love this stuff- soft and fluffy. It makes my cats go crazy. These colors are perfect. It is hard for me to find wool roving here. Not all the yarn shops carry it and the ones that do are not easily accessible by bus. Ordering online seems to be my only option currently.


Some things I like about these- all of them are lap size. This is perfect for working on after Rohan falls asleep. All of them are made out of wood and made by a real person. Not someone in a factory.

This one comes from OakeandAshe all the way from Minnesota.  It also comes with the most extra goodies. Even a pair of tiny scissors! The loom measures 14″ x 18″

Some of the looms have pegs and some have slots. I am not sure which one is better- if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.


One last link up- look at this bright yarn! I am totally in love! This yarn is from WallFlowerYarns. Her shop is full of great hand dyed yarns.



Holiday embroidery 

I’ve been getting my embroidery on the last week or so. Getting ready for some holiday decoration. 

I’ve been thinking of maybe selling some embroideries here on Porcupinestew. Most of it depends on mr porcupinestew making a page for the embroideries to be sold on. I’m not going to go through etsy again. 

Or maybe I’ll just keep them all for my wall. I think we will all find out in the next week or so! If you have an interest let me know!

Mini mini swap

A few weeks ago I joined a mini mini swap with my friend Joanna of midwesternbite on Instagram. All because she was making these adorable mini mini and I wanted some of that! 

Along with the gem mini she sent along a few Sarah Jane prints and a nice cut of the gems by Allison Cole. I wanted to get this bundle when it came out but never got around to it. Lucky for me she had a cut! Swoon! 

(Kitty feet were not included)

The mini mini that I sent in return has a size problem. It didn’t want to be a mini mini but just a mini. 

Picking out my fabrics was the most difficult part. I knew I wanted a fun design and I wanted to do something non traditional. I think I hit it spot on. I went with fabrics from Cotton and Steel, Tula Pink, Heather Ross and Alison Glass. I also used a print from Alison Glass for the back.   
I used English paper piecing to join together my chevron arrows. For the layout I wanted to go with a gradient or something close.  I appliquéd the chevron arrows to a text print from zen chic. It is hard to tell that it is a text print the text is incredibly light.

The grey kitty wanted to make sure it was the best.   

 I really like it. I hope she does too. Not exactly something you would expect from a mini mini swap. I like it so much I might make my own.  
And finally a picture of the back!   

Schnitzel and boo mini 

Since I’ve talked about this min a bit here and here I’m making this post picture heavy. 

 The front has fabrics from Dear Stella, Heather Bailey and Joanns. 

The back is called Nevermore from Michael Miller. I’ve had this in my stash for a while. Glad I found the perfect use for some of it. 

The binding is arrows from Joanns quilting cotton. 


I love the quilting. I hope my partner enjoys it as much as I do. I’ll be sending it off along with some extra goodies. 🙂   



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