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WIP Wednesday

Last week when I was feeling the doom and gloom I decided to cut into my precious wee wander by Sarah Jane fabrics.

Very precious since Ive had them since February.



I decided on a take of the friendship block. Sew Mama Sew has a great pillow tutorial on the same block. I really wanted to show off some of these great pieces of art so fussy cutting was pretty important.


I cut out about 90 center squares. And each center square has four half square triangles to go with it. I tried to keep the center and the hst about the same color. I wanted them to just blend it. It really took me a long time to do this step. Like all weekend.


It took a large space on the floor to get all of my design out and I ran out of the whites otherwise I think I would make it larger. I still might. Ordering and waiting for fabrics does not sound fun. So I might not.


I feel incredibly lucky that the dogs and cats hardly ran over the fabrics as I was laying them down.

I was able to get it all laid out and rows numbered. 🙂

IMG_1645 IMG_1651


It looks so pretty! Im super glad I decided on this design.



Im hoping to hand embroider the quilt too! So for that reason Ill probably keep the quilt smaller.


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And Modern Traditional Quilts! 🙂 🙂

Fabric! Fabric! Fabric!

This bundle is the best and my favorite of the season.

Wee wander by Sarah Jane. Love it. So magical.

The colors are bright and crisp. Just the perfect amount. Seriously everything about this bundle is perfect.



Everything about this set is my childhood. Playing in the trees, trying to catch bugs, running around barefoot.

Very nostalgic.


IMG_5922 IMG_5924

I think I am a fan girl. Every fan girl loves ponies!


I wish I was a little girl again so this would be my quilt. I would be SO cool.


So cool!



These magical prints are on display with my fabric hangers. Love it!


Stripes that bind

The stripiest baby quilt.

Quilt top.



Ive never been good at planning the quilt bottom with the quilt top.

Heck, Ive never been good at planning stripes.



I didn’t put too much thought into assembling the squares.

I tried not to have like pieces next to liked pieces.

IMG_4169 IMG_4179


Over all I love it. Never thought I would like stripes so much. 🙂

A square is a square

148 of them.



When I first ordered this bundle I was disappointed when it arrived.

Stripes. I never used stripes.

Now I love this bundle. Ive used it for so much.

Sad that this will bet the last of it. All 148 blocks.


Off to be sewn in to the stripiest baby quilt.



Also tomorrow there is some exciting news! I am excited!

Excited for tomorrow!


Fabric Garland

Super easy fabric garland.
I used fabric scraps from the Westwood Acres bundle.
 I had about four or five of each fabric.
 These sewed up in 10 minutes.
Pretty fast.
 Adds great color to the room.

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