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WIP Wednesday 

Still working on this fancy fox quilt for my nephew.  I can at least see the end in sight. I need to order fabric for the back and make a plan for quilting and I am good to go. 

I also finished this top. I was a pattern tester. I had some problems but none of them were related to the pattern itself. The pattern is the pixelated circle quilt and will be out soon. 

We’ve been eating a lot of flavored popcorn around here. I’ll have a recipe and reviews soon. ­čÖé 

More later this week. 


WIP Wednesday 

I have been chugging away at my triangle quilt. The end is in site! 

This is always the part that seems the longest. 

The back is so cute! I’m totally pleased with my fabric choice. I was unsure at first but now I’m glad I went with it. White is such a tricky color.  

I plan on taking pictures of this beast this weekend while the weather is nice.  

I also received some amazing fabric in the mail and forgot to blog about it on Sunday. 

This arrived in my mail from Joanna in Ohiooooo. I was so excited I already made the horses into hexagons for my la passacaglia quilt. 

Unfortunately for me I seem to have already miss placed 9 of my ten hexagons and the bird fabric. They galloped and flew off together. 

WIP Wednesday 

Still working on this La Passacaglia quilt. Slow and steady. I actually didn’t work on this quilt at all in December. I just started working on it again a week or so ago. 

So here’s where I’m at.  The pictures don’t seem like much but I worked really hard at it. Haha.     

And here are all my other la passacaglia wips. 1. 2. 3.  

WIP Middle Earth Map

I have started to fret about the nursery for Rohan.

Im not sure if I have said this before but the room we were planning to use for the nursery has no heat filtered to it. We normally keep the door closed and the other day when I walked in there I could see my breath! No way Im keeping a baby in there!

So now the nursery is a corner in our awkward shaped room.

Ive already made the banner for his wall- and after that it took me a couple days to decide what else to make.

How about a Middle Earth embroidery!?! I knew I wanted it much in the style of my Game of Thrones embroidered map. But beyond that I was clueless.

This is still all a work in progress. Ive been pretty slow on making anything.

I printed out my map and made the outline a bit darker with a sharpie maker.

Got all that sweetness embroidered up petty fast.


I pretty much followed the spacing on the map. The reason there are such large gaps in between the letters is because there will be mountains or water ways there.

Got the big towns embroidered and moved on. I left the smaller town areas for after the mountains and water. I haven’t figured out if this is a good idea or a bad idea. We shall see.



And this is where I am today. The water ways are mostly done. I am moving on to the mountains next. Just need to decide what brown to use for the mountains.

IMG_7313 IMG_7321 IMG_7322


Really. What brown.

I have been stuck on this for three days.


Work in Progress Wednesday

WIP Wednesday.

I am excited to have a blog post for today. Woot.

I started this baby blanket 33 weeks ago. I checked. On Instagram. I stopped working on it probably just after that photo. That seems like something I would do.

Well now there is a reason to finish this baby blanket. Theres going to be a baby that needs it at some point!


I started doing a color a night. Thats just about 10-15 rows and maybe an hour or so of work. Depending on if I am distracted or not. Usually I am easily distracted.


I got the husband a Nintendo 3Ds. I call it a Game Boy. But there has been lots of Mario Cart going on. Easily distracted.


The blanket is soft and bright. Made up of mystery yarn. Ive had this yarn in my stash for a long time. Years. I know it is the cheap stuff from Michaels. The stuff that you get when you are first starting to knit/ crochet. But I like it. And I like the blanket.

Lets just hope I stick with it and don’t stop after this post.